WorldSpan, is one of the top GDS (Global Distribution System), and majority of travel industry fields, like Airlines, Travel Agencies are using WorldSpan. The new worldspan is now more advanced with the artificial intelligence system, where you do not have to enter the coding manually again and again to search for a flight availability or Reservation.

Simply click on the appeared results, and you will have things ready. This course is specially designed for those students, who want to pursue career in the travel industry, for example, if you are interested to start your Career in the travel industry as travel consultant or Travel Agent, or you want be travel blogger, Digital Travel Nomad, or you want learn how to reserve flights, then this course will open your mind and will help you planning or setting up your travel career. Keep in mind, this course is only for non-Iata ticketing agencies and agents, this course is designed to make you job ready so that you can start working as travel agent in a travel company or in the Airlines, please

More advanced level sessions are added to WorldSpan of Master Pricer (Power Shopper), SSR Request, Encoding Decoding, Change of Date and Class in PNR and Itinerary and How to issue an e Ticket using WorldSpan ticketing command.

During this course, We will learn the basics and then advance commands, to build strong base before jumping into practical GDS, the basics will make you able to understand travel industry, coding, airports and Airlines coding along the phonetics alphabets, we will also learn the gds entries before using them practically in WorldSpan GDS.

The Course will lead us step by step from the basics to medium level and then finally to advanced level, where we will be practically picking up seats using the WorldSpan GDS.  There is a special command taught in this course, which you will learn at the end of the Course, please do not jump into that command, until you learn from start to end, please.

During learning process, if you have any problem, you can inbox me your questions, and i will be happy to assist you, but i am sure, if you do not skip the classes and follow each step taught, you will get the best of this course, please

Best of luck.