Sabre Basics to Advance Level Training: Check availability of flight on sabre, availability command of sabre,  command to sell seat in sabre, commands to complete PNR of sabre, Power Shopper of sabre, All basic sabre commands, Sabre GDS training, Sabre booking system, This training will make you able to learn basic sabre to advance level, you will learn special commands and apart from this you will understand all of the basics to advance level key commands on how to use Sabre. 

More Advance level sessions are more interested like learning Change in Class and Date in Itinerary and PNR, SSR Request in Sabre for Passenger Special Services, Encoding, Decoding, PNR Rtr, JR command Sabre ( Sabre Master Pricer ), Issue an eTicket in Sabre etc.

Sabre is one of the best GDS in the travel world. Majority of the Airlines companies, travel agencies and agents use it for air Ticketing, car rental and hotel booking. In this course, i have additionally taught the coding that we need to have the travel knowledge to  communicate with the GDS and other travel agents please.

To become knowledgeable in sabre, you would need to practice again and again so that you are fully prepared for a job, your business or becoming a travel consultant. Make sure you do not miss any class or do not skip any video, because you might miss the most important part of this course.

Keep in mind, every technical course need a strong background, and in this course, i have taught the strong background theory for this course, so that once the student is ok with the background theory, then jumping into the practical classes wont make you hopeless, as most of the time, technical courses are little boring, but here i have tried to make it more easier so that you enjoy it while learning.